Joaane C Parsons

“… dynamic and compelling. It grabs you from the first word and doesn’t let you go until the very end. A must read.”
Dr. Melissa Caudle
Bestselling Author and Media Influencer
"Parsons writes with an intense purpose that will leave the reader fully satisfied. Masterfully crafted…readers will find themselves unable to put this book down".
Suzie Housley
Midwest Book Review

Through the Open Door

by Joanne C. Parsons

Book Synopsis

Through the Open Door, a sequel to Kitchen Canary serves as a reminder that throughout the generations, joy, acceptance, heartbreak and loss are a part of every family’s story.

Boston 1880…The Irish have a foothold in Boston politics, with a plan to elect the first Irish Catholic mayor, and the city is experiencing a building boon. Through the Open Door meets the characters seven years after one of  them, in an act of desperation, murders Charles Brennan. It opens with the killer describing the events that led up to the act. With Mr. Brennan dead, the doors of opportunity open for his wife, Rose and her children, who establish a successful business, and Etta’s sons who are finding their way as black men in Boston. Readers learn about the marriages of Katie and Moira, and the fate of their husbands, one successful in business, the other lost to the evils of the times.

Through the experiences of its characters, Through the Open Door pays homage to the courageous men and women who left their homelands to assure a better life for their families and provides the reader with an understanding of the ultimate bravery of freed slaves, as they assimilated into an unwelcoming white culture.

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